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Living Large in Small Spaces

18 Nov, 2021

An efficiently designed home is one that considers how each square meter will be used. While doing interiors of your home don’t just aim at maximize functionality within a home's physical footprint but also focus on increasing usability. 


Here are 11 ways to embrace your small living space! 

  1. Use mirrors to give an illusion of space: Placing mirrors strategically across from a window is the best way to reflect light and make the room feel bigger in size.

  2. Go Upwards: Whenever you’re adding any new piece of decor or shelves — think vertical. Instead of placing everything on the floor, add hanging shelves, especially in the kitchen and bathroom area where you need to put a lot of stuff in front of you.

  3. Ditch walls in favor of sliding doors: they take way less space than a wall.

  4. Invest in multi-functional pieces: Ottoman beds, convertible sofas and folding chairs can really help stretch your space.  

  5. Smart organizing: Use baskets and/or bins for corralling items  

  6. Clothing Storage: In the closet, try installing extra rods, adding more shelves vertically, using shoe racks, and putting hooks on side walls.    

  7. Kid’s room: Use a bunk bed in a kid’s room to make use of vertical space.

  8. Kitchen: Use vertical dividers for trays, flat pans, and pot lids, while small cabinet stands or even a simple tray for stack mugs and cups to make the most of all the vertical space. 

  9. Install a Hideaway Desk: Buy furniture that can be tucked away when not in use. Hideaway desks, Murphy beds, and other furniture that can be folded or put away offer an easy solution for those looking for more spacious small space living options.

  10. Maximize Corners: Rather than placing tables, desks, and other furniture in the center of the room, try utilizing the corners in cramped areas to help make your space feel more open. Corner shelving is an especially clever storage hack for small apartment living!

  11. Use the Right Paint: Stick with light, airy colors to open things up because neutral colors reflect more light and make a room feel larger.